Audiopharmacy at 2018 RezArtx

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Audiopharmacy logo
Artist Audiopharmacy
Genre Hip Hop
Homelands California

Audiopharmacy is a Bay Area based live music ensemble that uses globally infused hip-hop to inspire social change.

Founded in year 2000 by multi – instrumentalist / producer / turntablist – Teao Sense, the band has evolved and grown into an international movement. Core members include Teao Sense, Love / Speak, Keep Yah Joy, Ras K’ Dee, love/speak, Desirae Harp, and phenomenal more recent crew members Brass Medik & Raga Bee. Audiopharmacy combines conscious world hip-hop, soulful poetics & technical lyricism with global musical genres, live instrumentation, turntablism, and electronics. For over 17 years, Audiopharmacy has used its musical platform to reflect on humanity’s struggles and triumphs to cultivate healing, unity and harmony.

​Internationally, the band has taken the stage at festivals, concert halls, clubs, cultural centers, orphanages, and schools in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, France, UK, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Samoa, New Zealand (Aotearoa), Fiji, Solomon Islands, Ecuador, Morocco, Oman, Cyprus, Tanzania, and Zanzibar.

​In addition to music industry events, Audiopharmacy has also toured as music and cultural ambassadors globally, and has successfully fostered cross-cultural understanding through live concerts, intimate jam sessions, and leading hip-hop, music, and cultural workshops. On March 19, 2013, the band received a mayoral proclamation from the City & County of San Francisco for artistic excellence, the promotion of cross-cultural understanding abroad, and representing the values of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Audiopharmacy Live Ensemble is a part of the Audiopharmacy Prescriptions International Artivist Collective – a culturally diverse, grass-roots artivist collective and independent record label. The AP Collective was officially founded in 2001 when the band grew to include live painters, dancers, activists, poets, journalists, illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, film makers, educators, event producers and natural medicine practitioners. The AP Collective believes in the power of love, collaboration, and socially-conscious artistic offerings to support the healing of Pachamama and the harmony of all beings.

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