The Truth of Our Strength


As an Indigenous person, the ability to learn, share and reflect on the beauty of our cultures and histories, is one that I am continually grateful for. I have also come to know that it is important to acknowledge all aspects of our stories, even pieces absent of beauty. This idea has become one of my most cherished beliefs because of its ability to shine light on one powerful truth. Within all of the negative shifts, disruptive occurrences and hardships that have taken place in our histories, within the spawning of every prolonged challenge or cultural devastation, and past every inhumane and unimaginable trial that living indigenous peoples have faced, we have found the strength to persevere for generations. All the while, maintaining a connection to an identity and a history of beauty as indigenous peoples, and as human beings. This truth of our story is what ultimately influences where we can go as individuals and as communities. This is also why we should not forget these occurrences. From this acknowledgement is where we may begin to honor our ancestors’ sacrifice and being. Though its not easy to know every way to live this out, one certainty is that we must not rest in the stalemate of “Why did those things happen” but allow our curiosity to motivate the questions “How have we moved forward from them?” and “How can we help the next generation thrive?” This is our key to understanding the faith, strength, knowledge and determination that our hearts and spirits already know. It is in this place that we can honestly realize our being and learn how to move from surviving to thriving in the most full-hearted and appreciative way, with one another.

“Acoma Woman with a Pot Balanced on Her Head” From Heard Museum Digital Archives Library

I am incredibly thankful for sharing these words with you in our first blog. Our organization’s continuing goal for this blog is to share options and ideas, to tell stories and to use this online medium as a tool to interpret, imagine and propel what resilience is in the present and what it can become through the coming ages. We will hold this blog as a torch to light our path and generate thoughts, pictures and words to support the growth of our communities through all who see this. We are excited for what the future holds and we thank you for stepping into this journey with us. Please subscribe to our updates and share with anyone and everyone. Until our second post and always, remember to…


Warren Montoya,
(Tamaya/Khapo Owingeh)
Executive Director
REZILIENCE Indigenous Arts Experience